Friday, May 1, 2009

Leadership Clark County Launches "Got Bag?" Program

Answering the question “Paper or plastic?” has gotten easier in recent years. More shoppers are saying “Neither, I brought my own.” This trend toward shopping with re-useable bags only works, however, when people remember to bring their bags into stores.

This year, the Leadership Clark County environmental team decided to support this environment-friendly approach by mounting the “Got Bag?” campaign. They want those re-useable bags out of cars and kitchens and into stores throughout the county.

The team formed partnerships with Clark County, the City of Vancouver and 31 participating grocery stores represented by the Northwest Grocery Association. The Vancouver City Council and Board of Clark County Commissioners both issued proclamations this month naming Saturday, April 18 as “Got Bag?” day. The officials also proclaimed April 22 as “Earth Day.”

Albertsons, Fred Meyer, QFC, Safeway and WinCo stores throughout the area held special promotions through April 18 promoting reusable bags. These events included giving away “Got Bag?” stickers, provided by the Clark County Solid Waste program, for cars and refrigerators and for some stores free reusable bags to customers. The stores will also have a variety of in-store and parking lot signing reminding customers about re-usable bags. In addition, the stores agreed
to support this campaign for one year.

“Cooperation from the Northwest Grocery Association member stores has been outstanding,” said Sally Fisher of Clark County Public Works. “These stickers will serve as constant reminders for shoppers to use their own bags. That, in turn, cuts down on paper and plastic waste while also saving money for the stores. It’s a win-win,” she said.

The county also gave away the stickers and a limited supply of “Got Bag?” re-useable bags at Earth Day weekend events April 18 at Vancouver Farmer’s Market, Marshall Center and the Salmon Creek Greenway Eco-Fair, according to Fisher.

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