Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Herrera legislation would change license plate renewal process

Bills would end seven-year replacement rule, allow people to maintain same plate number without charge

If you are wondering why it is mandatory that you have to replace your license plate every seven years, you are not alone.

Acting on this question and the concerns of her constituents, Rep. Jaime Herrera is sponsoring legislation that would end the mandatory seven-year license plate replacement requirement, and allow people to keep their same license plate numbers without a charge.

“I’ve heard from many thoughtful people who have told me that requiring the replacement of license plates every seven years is a waste of personal resources and a poor use of taxpayer dollars. A gentleman from Vancouver also pointed out that it is bad for our environment. I agree with these sentiments,” said Herrera, R-Ridgefield. “It also makes sense to allow people to keep their license plate numbers without charging them for it. It is just an unnecessary government fee and process.”

House Bill 1368 would eliminate the mandatory seven-year license plate replacement requirement and, instead, only require replacement upon request of the vehicle owner or upon transfer of ownership.

House Bill 1367 would eliminate the $20 retention fee for keeping the same plate number when replacing a license plate.

“These two common-sense measures would eliminate unnecessary government bureaucracy and lift a financial burden on people,” said Herrera. “We cannot forget that government is funded by taxpayer dollars, and taxpayers are customers. Government should be more customer-friendly in its processes and services.”

The two bills will be assigned to a House committee next week.

Herrera, who is assistant floor leader for the House Republicans, sits on the following House committees: Health and Human Services Appropriations; Transportation; and Technology, Energy and Communications.

The 2009 legislative session began Jan. 12 and will run 105 consecutive days.

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