Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rep. Jaime Herrera's statement on the state operating budget

"We had a tremendous opportunity with this budget to restructure and reprioritize the way we deliver services to the people of Washington state, and the majority party would not allow it. Republicans offered options -- including solutions for education, health care, employers and workers -- and they were rejected.

"Rather than allow for a meaningful restructuring of state government, innovative solutions and real reform, the majority party said 'no.' They said 'no' to restructuring delivery of services. They said 'no' to health care. And they said 'no' to fundamental reform. This budget isn't just the status quo; it's the budget of 'no.'

"The most overused word on the campaign trail is 'change.' Ironically, it's also the most feared word in Olympia. This budget is living proof. We cannot be afraid of change, and this is going to take leadership.

"The only thing I'm proud of with this budget is that Republicans fought against tax increases on working families and employers, and won. However, this budget does not fix the fundamental problem that got us here -- overspending. As long as the majority party continues to overspend, their calls for tax increases are going to get louder."

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